Arch. Massimiliano Baquè

Aviapolis Urban Block


The aim of our project “Smart Block City” is to definea different way to thinking about new forms of creation of European urban areas. New housing areas that will be deeply different compared the Arabian and far east experiences.

Then the main question is: which will be the new formof the European tomorrow’s cities?

To answer this question, we choose to follow, like aroadmap, the goals elaborated by UNICEF in which this document define 17 issues and questions to develop sustainable communities. In addiction to these series of goals, that represent the vision of a new concept of city, we added new goals: the citizen’s wellness and the careful growth for the next generation of citizens.

Our project for the new urban area, seeking thecitizen’s quality of life by the creation of NZEA (Near Zero Emission Area), in which they can move only with sustainable electric mobility vehicle, like car-sharing, or with the cycle path net inside the big park area.

Always in looking of sustainability, our project pursuesthe goal of self food production, that will be cultivated in vertical farm building and sold in a 0 km neighborhood market. All the houses will be built with environmental sustainable technical solutions, with large use of wood for roof and facades, in harmony with the north European architectural tradition.